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Changing behaviour to drive sustainable growth

Our Mission

  • We are a SPECIALIST shopper marketing consultancy that bridges the gap between brand and retail.
  • We are EXPERTS in our chosen field.
  • We deliver BEYOND the ask.
  • We are NATURAL COLLABORATORS with your internal shopper teams.
  • Our IMPACT on your business is material to your bottom line.
  • We deliver measurable RESULTS with effective in-market work.
  • We have capability to TEACH and GROW your people to do the same.
  • We can deliver beyond our skill sets with our pool of specialist freelancers should this be required.

Meet our team

Profile photo of Caro



“Through a robust understanding of the value brands hold in the lives of shoppers, I passionately and professionally connect great brands with innovative consumer-shopper solutions”

Passionate shopper and retail marketeer, with a keen focus on delivering better commercial shopper strategies to shape new shopper behaviours and experiences.

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“I am a true shopper enthusiast – with a focus on building brands and entrenching their place in the minds of the shopper, by leveraging key behavioural insights and rituals.”

Meticulous shopper and retail strategist with a focus on emotional, creative and results driven strategies – and a belief that Shopper needs to be a philosophy that all departments and marketing minds should consider in all that they do.

17 years of shopper obsession has led us here

We’ve written and developed 100’s of strategies and shopper solutions over the last 17 years – and continue to do so – through our consulting offering. And we use that knowledge to train people like yourselves – using all the skills and expertise we’ve acquired along the way. We’re not just about the theory. We care about the practical understanding – and the realistic application in today’s businesses.

“We believe that shopper marketing has the power to not only deliver sales, but build your brand and change behaviour through meaningful shopper solutions.”

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